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Woolly mammoth remains found near Paris | Hotel Direct NewsA brilliantly preserved skeleton of a woolly mammoth has been found near the French capital, with the Natural History Museum in Paris preparing to welcome the massive creature within the next 10 days.

The stunning discovery – which was found next to flint blades, probably used by Neanderthal hunters in cutting up the creature for meat – was made on the banks of the Marne River.

Analysis of the skeletal remains showed that the creature could have been up to 9ft tall and had huge tasks, roaming the countryside long before the great institutions and glamorous Paris hotels were even thought of.

Described as one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 21st Century, it is hoped the remains will give archaeologists a better understanding of Neanderthal man.

The remains could form part of a fascinating exhibition in the French capital, which would be just one of thousands for culture vultures and history buffs to enjoy.

Image credit: quinet (flickr)

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