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Head to Christmas Eve mass in ParisIf you are staying in hotels in Paris over the Christmas period and would like to get into the full swing of Christmas, why not head to one of the many Christmas Masses taking place?

If you are staying near Disneyland Paris with your family and would like to attend mass, your best bets are Paroisse Sainte Genevieve à Magny le Hongre or the smaller churches in the local area like Crecyla Chapelle or Montevrain.

Christmas mass at Notre Dame Cathedral is a popular choice for those staying in the capital, with a number of services being held during the day including an International Christmas Mass at 8pm.

No matter where you choose to attend mass, you are sure to get right in the Christmas spirit and enjoy your Paris-based Christmas break.

Image Credit: ErasmusOfParis (Flickr.com)

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