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aeroplaneAn innovative system of sequences has come into force at Dublin Airport, measures which will result in reducing the time of delays for passengers flying in and out for their stay in one of the hotels in Dublin.

Labelled Point Merge, it has been introduced by the Irish Aviation Authority and places aircraft onto defined tracks which are each of equal distance from the runway. It means that aircraft at the airport can be moved straight onto the runway from just one single turn, rather than having to the pulled by a taxi which can take a lot more time depending on the existing location. There is also a brand new air route for traffic, one which will significantly decrease congestion especially during the busy mornings.

Not only will the new measures reduce delays but they are also environmentally friendly. New traffic control techniques for aircraft to implement will include continuous descents to the airport, helping to save more than 250kg of fuel every flight.

Image Credit: travels of a monkey (Flickr.com)

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