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It’s nearing fertility season for the giant pandas residing at Edinburgh Zoo, with keepers announcing they have begun to carry out fertility tests on Tian Tian in the hope of seeing panda cubs in the spring.Panda at zoo

It’s an exciting time for everyone connected at the zoo, with the tests giving an insight as to when Tian Tian’s hormones begin to peak, indicating when she should be introduced with the male Yang Guang.

Currently living separately, the keepers are also allowing for the pair to get a scent for each other’s enclosures in an attempt to promote enclosure swapping.

If the breeding is successful, it could be fantastic news for Edinburgh Zoo and further bolster their already stellar breeding programme. If you are looking forward to a stay in one of the Edinburgh hotels in the spring, there is every chance you could meet a couple of cute panda cubs while visiting the zoological park.

Image Credit: George Lu (Flickr.com)


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