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Image of Dublin taken from International Space StationAn image of Dublin has been captured like never before, with an astronaut taking an incredible snapshot in between the clouds. A picture tells a thousand words – an adage certainly true in this case.

The still was taken by Canadian flight engineer Col Christ Hatfield, taking the exceptional shot while onboard the International Space Station orbiting Earth. On his third mission in space, Hatfield uploaded the vivid image onto his twitter, unaware of which port town he had captured.

Although he could only work out if it was Ireland, Wales or England, many retweeted and confirmed that it was of the Irish capital, albeit taken from an unorthodox angle. When looked at closely, the photograph shows a number of famous aspects from the city including Lambay Island, Dublin Port and the River Liffey.

Capturing the undeniable beauty of the Dublin coastline from miles in the sky, why not discover the city close up during a stay in one of the hotels in Dublin?


Image Credit: informatique (Flickr.com)


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