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A new archive containing information on the residents of Edinburgh has surfaced online, showing what life was like in the capital more than 100 years ago.Edinburgh in Scotland

Called the ScotlandsPeople, it is a free online service which The National Records of Scotland feel will be an insightful tool for both city residents and visitors alike. While users can have the opportunity to trace back information on family members in the city, it could also be a great tool to uncover the fascinating history which this Scottish capital boasts.

Among the wealth of documents the archive holds, information that is expected to be particularly popular is that of former labour leader Keir Hardie and conservative leader Arthur James Balfour, who took the role of Prime Minister from 1902 -1905.

If you happen to be visiting the city in the coming weeks through a stay in one of the Edinburgh hotels, why not take a look through this great new historical tool?

Image credit: Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th (Flick.com)

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