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While Barcelona is, of course, famous for its wealth of beautiful landmarks, its strong relationship with the arts and being the home to one of the most famous football clubs in the world, it is beginning to garner a strong reputation for its produce.sparlking wines in cellar

The popularity of Cava has seen a staggering increase across Europe in the last decade, with Catalan Cava in particular seeing a huge increase in demand. According to recent statistics, foreign exportation of the sophisticated drink has risen from 100 million to 150 million units in just ten years; it’s a development which is expected to rise even further as more and more Europeans become acquainted with the exquisite produce.

With the three main importers of Catalan Cava being the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium, there is every chance you could pick some up for the first time in your local supermarket. However, it is certainly best enjoyed on location in the Catalonian capital, during a stay in one of the beautiful hotels in Barcelona.

Image Credit: Jordi Payà (Flickr.com)

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