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Spain has launched its first ever high speed rail line, offering fantastic travel options for anyone looking to holiday in the country throughout the year.

Operating from Barcelona, the new stretch of line is around 80 miles and forms an integral part of the ongoing border link project between Spain and France. It is thought to drastically reduce the time of travelling across the continent, passengers being able to travel from Barcelona to Paris in just six and a half hours. It could be fantastic news for any of those looking to use the rail services to reach one of the beautiful hotels in Barcelona in the coming months, allowing them more time to explore the city than ever before.

Costing as much as €4.8 billion, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was very optimistic about the project, one which could pave the way towards a fantastic high speed rail service across Spain in the future.

Image Credit: Jon Curnow (Flickr.com)

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