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Hopes raised over Edinburgh panda matingPerhaps the most famous recently introduced attractions in Edinburgh, two giant pandas from China, have begun to display important changes in their behaviour, which experts believe are a sign that they will finally mate when the new season comes around.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang, whose names translate to Sweetie and Sunshine respectively, have proved to be a huge hit with visitors to their adopted home of Edinburgh Zoo since they arrived there at the end of 2011, but observers were disappointed when the pair did not fully mate last year. Now, however, officials at the zoo believe the odds of this happening are better for 2013, which is sure to delight wildlife enthusiasts across the Scottish capital and beyond.

Anyone interested in seeing the pandas up close should be sure to arrange a stay at one of the many affordable hotels in Edinburgh soon, as these beautiful creatures really do offer the chance to enjoy a truly special day out.

Image credit: Afcone (flickr.com)

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