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With the recent discovery of the remains of King Richard III in a Leicester car park, visitors to the North Yorkshire town of Scarborough may be interested to know that he was once in court at Scarborough Castle in the year 1484. During his time there he was known to have prepared a fleet to fight the Tudors, which is very interesting because experts date his death back to 1485. So he was at Scarborough Castle in the year leading up to his death.King Richard III once reigned at Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is an ancient and an important part of North Yorkshire’s heritage, and perhaps the most historically important building in the county. The original building dates back to 1136 and it has been subjected to numerous sieges and attacks throughout history. The most recent damage was caused in 1914 during the First World War, when German War ships caused extensive damage to the Castle Keep and Curtain Walls.

The castle affords magnificent views across Scarborough Harbour and right across the North Bay, which would have been an invaluable asset to those keeping look out in the Watch Tower for approaching attacks.

While Richard III’s reign in Scarborough Castle history will come as no surprise to history enthusiasts, it is likely to stir up fresh interest in the Castle, with the finding of his remains intact, (aside from the injuries he sustained in battle that actually led to his death). For those wishing to visit the castle this year, there are plenty of Scarborough Hotels and Whitby accommodation options nearby.

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