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With so many different spa treatments available spa nowadays, the only problem you might find to discovering one which you could benefit from the most. One which has seen its popularity rise dramatically in recent years in Hydrotherapy, but what is it all about?

Hydrotherapy is not a revolutionary treatment by any means, with the Greeks and Romans some of the notables who operated the methods during history. It uses powerful jets together with aromatic oils, creating a memorable experience and one that leaves the user feeling completely revitalised. It makes use of the body’s hot and cold stimuli, working to benefit your body cosmetically, with smoothing spongy looking skin and treating cellulite just some of the benefits. It’s clearly proving popular among those seeking the perfect pamper treatment, with millions of people all over the world enjoying hydrotherapy year after year. The raising of the body’s core temperature enables the body to cleanse and detoxify during perspiration, it’s the reason why users feel so rejuvenated after every session.

One of the most popular treatments a hydrotherapy session can bring is an Underwater Anti-Stress Massage. A session usually lasting no longer than one hour, the nourishing deep tissue massage can help to balance the nervous system, release muscle tension and also improve body circulation. Another great choice is the Decléor Detox Bath, allowing the body to be removed of bad toxins thanks to soothing and calming aromatherapy oils.

If you are a spa seeker and believe hydrotherapy is something you could benefit from, or whether you’re just keen to be pampered, why not contact a health spa and book your treatment today?

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