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When it comes to historic holiday destinations in the North of England, Whitby has to be one of the best. Its variety of historic and cultural sites are second to none, and this blog takes a look at a few of the best to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

The Whitby Jet Heritage Centre

This fascinating building is located at the end of the town’s Church Street and provides a peek into Whitby’s industrial past. The centre is located in the original 1867 jet works and still produces jade gifts to this day. Visitors are also able to see the centre’s skilled craftsmen at work.

The ruin of St Hilda’s Abbey

The ruin of St Hilda’s Abbey is one of the town’s biggest attractions, standing proudly on the cliffs above the town. The abbey was founded in 657AD, giving it a rich history. There’s also a literary connection between the abbey and the famous book ‘Dracula’, with the building said to have inspired the book’s author Bram Stoker.

Whitby’s Streets

A stroll around the old town of Whitby itself is also a great way to immerse yourself in the area’s history. Its old cobbled streets, narrow alleyways and historic buildings provide a rich historic setting. A number of the local shops date back to the 1600s and some, like the Whitby Book Shop, have unique historic features, making them well worth a visit.

This is obviously just a small selection of all the great historic locations you can see whilst staying in Whitby hotels or Robin Hoods Bay accommodation, there really are so many more to discover!

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