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A fascinating photography exhibition opened in Edinburgh over the weekend, offering the chance to see the plants and animals of the world when put under a microscope. It is a great example of the diversity of exhibitions you could enjoy during your stay in any of the hotels in Edinburgh.lettuce under a microscope

Taken from the recent publication Green Universe: A Microscopic Voyage into the Plant Cell by Stephen Blackmore, it reveals in stunning detail how the invention of microscopy has allowed us to gain a further understanding of plants. With the minute detail of the structure of plants and cells clear to see in a collection of close up images, it offers a fantastic educational event for family members young and old to discover in amazement.

Green Universe: A Microscopic Voyage into the Plant Cell will feature at the Gateway Gallery inside the Royal Botanic Garden until 7 May. With no booking necessary and open to all ages, why not come along and discover it should you be staying in the city in the coming months.

Image credit: Jodiepedia (Flickr.com)

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