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Falling Foss Waterfall (image credit: Peter Church)


It may not have been known to those staying at the Scarborough hotels in North Yorkshire when they arrive but, by the time they leave, a large proportion of visitors to this glorious part of the world have fallen in love with the beautiful nearby fishing village of Robin Hood’s Bay. Below are a few of the hidden gems you can enjoy on a visit to this charming spot.

1)    Falling Foss – Anyone who has inadvertently happened upon this natural wonder whilst exploring Sneaton Forest will no doubt think that they have stumbled into paradise! A stunning waterfall set amongst some of the most incredible woodland scenery you will have seen, Falling Foss can also be viewed in sheer comfort at the wonderful Tea Garden which it overlooks.

2)    Old St Stephen’s Church – A historical treat which will provide a relaxing and educational day out for anyone booked up in one of the Robin Hood’s Bay hotels, St Stephen’s dates back to the early 19th century and is a truly tranquil site. As with much of the surrounding area, the sea has a major role to play in the life of the church, with a number of moving memorials to local shipwrecks featured throughout the building and in the churchyard.

3)    Robin Hood’s Bay Museum – Staffed entirely by volunteers and completely free to enter, this museum gives a fascinating insight into the colourful past of what is an admittedly scenic but nevertheless exciting location. The various displays chart the village’s shipping, fishing and geological history in detail, whilst the building itself also contains some extraordinary secrets, having once been used as the local mortuary!

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