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Where to hit the beach near Whitby on your holidaysThe North East has never had any trouble enticing holidaymakers, with Scarborough, Whitby and Robin Hood’s always proving particularly popular among those in search for a perfect slice of the Great British Seaside. If you’re itching to head to the beach here are some of the finest sandy stretches in the region which you could visit during a stay in one of the great Whitby hotels.

First we head to Whitby, a town which boasts two beaches found either side of the River Esk. The larger of the two, West Cliff Beach, has more than two miles of sand, enough for all visitors to come and enjoy. With colourful beach huts, a beautiful pier and even donkey rides, it looks to offer the ultimate experience of the Great British Seaside Holiday.

Another beach which is popular in the region can be found in nearby Scarborough, a stretch of sand which stands as one of the world’s original spas; it dates back as far as 1611, and pilgrims from miles around would come and bathe in the sea. The beach is still a popular haunt for both locals and holidaymakers alike, with either the North or South Bay providing a beautiful location to catch a tan.

These are just two of the best, but there are still so many beaches in the region which are just waiting to be discovered. Why not explore the region yourself while staying in one of the Scarborough hotels this summer?


Image Credit: Ben Sutherland (flickr.com)


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